Vegan Cheeze Workshop with Chef Tina Barrat

Learn how to make vegan cheeze (aka. vegan cheese) from a master.

You don’t have to be a vegan to join this class with Chef Tina Barrat. Come to explore what a plant-based cheese can taste and look like. If you are a foodie, this will be a new horizon and broaden your repertoire of food.

Learn methods to make your very own at home.

In this class Tina will teach how to make “no goat cheeze” (a vegan goat cheese) using chickpea miso and served with Tina’s special vegan kimchi Jam.

Join with friends and partners

DATE: Saturday 26 August 2023
TIME: 2-4:30pm
PLACE: Foodcraft
ADDRESS: Room A, 16F, Yiuga Factory Building, 62 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town
PRICE: HK$680 per person
REGISTER: Click here to sign up

What you will learn

How to make no goat cheeze (vegan goat cheese)
How to serve the cheese with Tina’s vegan Kimchee Jam
BONUS: The basic cashew cheeze fermentation with probiotics

Get ready for a flavor explosion.

NOTE: We also arrange private classes from 4 people.

Vegan Cheeze Workshop with Chef Tina Barrat

Meet Chef Tina Barrat

Chef Tina Barrat

POSTED: 1 June 2023

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