Rising bus fares

New Lantao Bus was approved for a 7 percent fare increase

New Lantao Bus was approved for a 7 percent fare increase.

The operator is among the companies implementing new fares on 18 June 2023.

“The government said it has looked into the current fare levels and handled the applications prudently to minimise the impact on the public.”

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15 May 2023

“The operators should not make up their loss so harshly.”

The government said on Wednesday that the request to increase bus fares handed by Hong Kong’s five bus operators is now under deliberate review, and the government would consider the public’s acceptance when making decisions.

“Buses to and from the airport were looking for a 50 percent rise in fare.

The government received the request between January and September last year, adding the government would consider all aspects of factors, including the finance of bus operators, the quality of bus services, and public acceptance and capacity. “We will, after the assessment of the request, advise the applicants to lower the rate of fare increase if we find the increase rate is not reasonable,” the spokesperson said, “and even reject the request.”

“We have to realize that the resumption of regular travel between Hong Kong and the world will benefit the bus operators,” said lawmaker Ben Chan Han-pan, pointing out some of the fare increase proposals were “crazy” – especially the airport commuting bus.

“Even though some bus routes have never increased fares since starting operation, the operators should not make up their loss so harshly,” he said

HK Standard

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New Lantao Bus fares to rise by 7% beginning next month

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