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Tai-O Smugglers
Fishing Lights
Beach Water Quality

10 August 2023

HK$18m worth of smuggled goods seized by Customs but smugglers flee in speedboat

HK Standard: “Smuggled goods worth HK$18 million have been seized by Hong Kong customs in an anti-smuggling operation in Tai O, but the smugglers managed to escape in a speedboat.”

NEWS RELEASE: Hong Kong Customs on August 8 mounted an anti-smuggling operation in the vicinity of Tai O, Lantau Island, and detected a suspected smuggling case using a speedboat. A batch of suspected smuggled goods, with an estimated market value of about $18 million, was seized.

Customs officers conducted an anti-smuggling operation in the vicinity and found several persons moving a batch of goods from a lorry onto four seven-seater cars. Men were seen gathered at the seashore and a suspicious speedboat was seen heading towards the seashore with its navigation lights off. One of the seven-seater cars approached the seashore and the driver of the seven-seater car and the men quickly transferred the goods onto the speedboat using a slide, engaging in suspected smuggling activities.

Customs officers took action and the all persons fled to Mainland waters onto the speedboat.

Customs officers seized about 97 cartons of suspected smuggled goods, including frozen Wagyu beef, dried shark fins and used tablet computers. A lorry and four seven-seater cars were also detained.

Read more: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202308/10/P2023081000306.htm


Tai-O Smugglers
Fishing Lights
Beach Water Quality

11 August 2023

HKFP: “A total of 16 fishing vessels were suspected of breaching local marine laws relating to the use of bright light for fishing between January and July this year.”

Hong Kong vows to step up patrols against improper use of bright lights for fishing

11 August 2023

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has released the latest grading of water quality for gazetted beaches.

HKGIA: Grading of beach water quality released


Tai-O Smugglers
Fishing Lights
Beach Water Quality

Grade 1 beaches Pui O Beach Tong Fuk Beach Upper Cheung Sha Beach

Grade 2 beaches Lower Cheung Sha Beach Silver Mine Bay Beach

Under the present grading system, beaches are classified into four grades, namely Good (Grade 1), Fair (Grade 2), Poor (Grade 3) and Very Poor (Grade 4), according to the level of E. coli in the water.

Grades are calculated on the basis of the geometric mean of the E. coli counts on the five most recent sampling occasions. While the ratings represent the general water quality at the beaches, water quality could be temporarily affected during and after periods of heavy rain. Bathers should avoid swimming at beaches for up to three days after a storm or heavy rainfall.

A summary of beach grades is published weekly before the weekend.

The latest beach grades based on the most current data may be obtained from the EPD’s website on Beach Water Quality (www.epd.gov.hk/epd/beach) or the beach hotline, 2511 6666.

Read more: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202308/11/P2023081100384.htm



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