We live in a beautiful world. We’d like to keep it that way.

We are the other side where people live in harmony with the rest of nature on Hong Kong’s biggest island.

Experience the friendly spirit of cooperation where ancient meets modern and community is everything.

Visit ancestral fishing villages where traditional farming practices are passed down over centuries.

We welcome local residents, urban jungle weekenders and visiting tourists.

Nothing is far in the world’s biggest fishing village.

Relax and enjoy China’s favorite back yard.


South Lantau Life makes it easy to get out and meet up for a time out by providing local information to get around and keep in touch.

Get regular updates on your favorite social media channels to find out what’s new and what’s on in the rural villages along South Lantau Road.

South Lantau Life serves residents and businesses by investing revenue from online advertising and membership fees close to home. Digital tools are created to offer services for locals and attract visitors who love our beautiful back yard and want to keep it that way.

The free mailing list delivers regular updates, promotes local businesses and highlights volunteer groups serving the community.

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Community suggestions are welcome.


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Everyone is welcome to join South Lantau Life and get involved in our local community.

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