Meeting buffalo on the path

With awareness and plenty of experience, it is possible to pass these massive beasts on the narrow wetland path.

It might be easier to turn around and walk back to the beach because stepping off the path to get out of their way is not an option in summer.

Video by Kinzie

Once we get to know our neighbors and get used to their routines, the risks are less but not zero. It helps to take the time to develop a relationship with the buffaloes before ever attempting this passing.

Sometimes they will turn around and give way but not necessarily.

Always look around and assess the situation and see whether they are being chased by dogs or another member of the herd or if there has been a fight or a male is in hot pursuit of a female. It’s a thing.

Stop to see if they move to one side before taking a deep breath to decide. Always keep an eye on the horns and remain still until they have passed well out of hoof range because a kick can also cause serious damage.

“As the strongest animal of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, known as “the good helper” in Chinese farming, the Ox is a symbol of diligence, strength, honesty, down-to-earth persistence and wealth.” (China Highlights)


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Posted: 4 July 2023

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